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1850 USD Medical Staff Officer / Surgeon Model 1840-Horstmann
 Model 1840 Medical Staff Officer / Surgeons sword

1850 USD Militia Officer, Helmet pommel, Eagle guard, MOP grip
Knight head pommel, Mother of Pearl grips raised eagle guard

20 1/2" heavy wedge section blade with narrow back fuller. Iron hilt with single scalloped edge side loop with pierced plate to the guard, very delicately pierced and completely undamaged. Matching scalloped knuckle bow and down turned quillon. Ovoid pomm... (read more)

An excellent example retaining much of its original blue and gilt decoration.

77cm (30.25) single edged curved steel blade, double edged towards the point. Half blued and gilt engraved with crowned GRIII Cypher, royal coat of arms, martial trophies and foliage.

Gilt brass hilt with knuckle guard incorporating pierced royal cypher for George III, wire bound fish skin grip, lion head pommel.<....

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£1100 Very Good & Beautiful British 1796 Infantry Sword Named To The Officer
Named to Lieutenant Edgecombe, with his regiment, the West Kent. This is a superb sword with an ancestral back sword blade from a Highland regimental sword of the 1750´s, made by Drury. The gilt on this sword is very good indeed, and the blade is GR Drury stamped on both blade faces. One may assume it was carried by his father and/or grandfather in his military service in a Highland regiment....

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£1100 Simply Stunning London Silver Hilted Sword of 1766, With Silver Scabbard
Superbly crafted solid London silver hilt, hallmarked to 1766, with open pierced work shell guards, multiwire silver grip, pierced silver oviod pommel, single knuckle bow, single quillon and pas dans. The whole design of the relief décor is based around military stands of arms, classical helmets, cannon flags banners, spears, axes polearms and quivers of arrows. The blade is engraved with sc....

£1,100.00 Napoleonic all brass Continental Naval officers Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol. Circa 1803-1815. Ref 6485
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A rare all brass Napoleonic Continental Naval officers Flintlock Blunderbuss pistol. Circa 1803-1815. The brass barrel at the muzzle swelling out to a size of around .75 inches. The side plates marked "CORBUSIER" to one side and "LIEGE" to the other side. Sliding top safety catch. An excellent example of the t....

£1,100.00 * * * * * * * A good quality English Flintlock muff pistol, manufactured by Henry Nock. Circa 1780-1810. Good Condition. Ref 7406.
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A very good quality English round bodied Flintlock muff pistol, circa 1780-1810 engraved on the frame "Henry Nock - London".
The finely chequered walnut butt fitted with a shaped silver escutcheon. Screw-off barrel 1.5 inches in length, approx .36 calibre. Drop down folding trigger. Sliding top safety. The frame stamped....

£1,095 East India Company cavalry pistol.
East India Company cavalry pistol.

1800 USD British 1821 w/ backstrap ears, Early style blade etch
 Early style Blade Etching Pattern

This sword dates to the middle of the 18th c., and could be further and more precisely dated by investigating the silver assay and maker´s marks located on the inside of the shell guard. The hilt is sterling silver, nicely cast and beautifully pierced, Paris-hallmarked on the inside of the guard. Silver-work is quite excellent, with detailed medallions depicting the allegories of the arts a....

Iron hilt of large proportions with indented oval or four lobe guard which was fashionable at the time. Straight cross guard nearly touching the shell with just vestigial arms of the guard between. Ovoid pommel. The guard finely pierced with scrolling fol... (read more)

Middle Bronze Age, C.1500-1000 BC. 13 5/8" total length. The spatulate shaped blade with swelled medial and slightly concave edges providing a sharp cutting edge on heavy core. The base of "spade form" to seat into a bone or wood hilt, long since perished... (read more)

$1795 USD German Horseman’s Sabre, 2nd Half 17th C
All brass hilt featuring single side ring filled with an
embossed plate; knucklebow and side bar with double knobs, joined by a diagonal
bar and fastened to the lion head pommel. Thumb ring on reverse. Two-piece
soldered sheet brass grip cover over wood. Broad unmarked 30 ½" curved single
edged blade with long single fuller; the last 10" being double-edged. Blade with

€1400 Cavalry trooper’s sword. Spain, Carlos IV period.
Description: Iron hilt, with no ricasso, featuring a half-cup, a double knuckleguard joined by an S-shape bar, rear quillion and a full back strap fixed with a capstan rivet. Wooden grip, spirally bound with a cord and covered with leather. Straight, double-edged blade, with flattened hexagonal section up to the point. Marked on both faces with a crowned “R” and the inscription &ldquo....

Brass hilt with D form guard and Faceted urn form pommel. Brass wire wrapped leather covered grip. 23 5/8” sharply curved s.e. narrow fullered blade. Acutely angled point. The blade hand hammered, while most American swords used European blades, and clear... (read more)

Iron hilt with double swell medial knuckle bow and side guard. Two recurved connecting bars, expanded terminal down turned quillon and double loop guards grooved for inset plates (lacking). Mushroom form pommel. Fine wire wrapped grip. 30 3/8 broad tapere... (read more)

£1,045 New Stock A Volunteer short India pattern musket
A Volunteer short India pattern musket 46” overall, 30” musket bore barrel, plain un-engraved lockplate with swan neck cock, handrail butt and regulation mounts of New Land Pattern comprising butt plate, trigger guard, screwed side plate and three ramrod pipes. With its original bayonet by John Gill. C1820
In good sleepy condition.

€1350 Light Cavalry Trooper’s sabre, Model An XI. France, Napoleonic period.
Description: Brass hilt, featuring knuckleguard marked “VERSAILLES” (partially worn), two side bars, rear quillion, langets and full backstrap. Leather-covered wooden grip with a brass oval on one side (the one on the reverse is missing). Broad blade, with wide fuller up to near the point. Square back, marked "Manufacture de Solingen K.S. & C" (Kirschbaum, Schimmelbusch &....

€1300 Dragoon Officer’s sword. Spain, 2nd half of the 18th c.
Description: Brass hilt, with the particular combination of a boat-shell guard and a sail-type knuckleguard that is characteristic of this kind of sword. Wooden grip carved with spiral fluting. Straight blade, marked at the beginning of one of the fullers with “CLOSAS” and with the arrow hallmark of Barcelona’s Daggermakers Guild.

Conservation: The grip’s leather cover ....

1650 USD M1850 Foot officer- Horstmann & US polished out
    M1850 Foot Officer Sword / Horstmann name & US polished out. Confederate use is the only logical explanation for this as several examples are known.

1650 USD M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - Providence Tool
M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - Providence Tool.

1650 USD M 1852 Naval Officer Sword
M 1852 Naval Officer Sword with unusually shaped Dolphin quillon.

9 5/8" heavy, broad, medial ridged spear point blade, with long ricasso above modeled scallops. Expanded terminal baluster form quillons. Turned black horn grip with basal swell, tapered to the domed pommel. Original scalloped edge metal mounted leather s... (read more)

FRENCH FLINTLOCK FOWLER: Approx. 14 gauge. Circa 1720/40. The 42 ½ inch barrel has an octagonal section for 12 inches, the balance is round. There is a very unusual tang system which functions as a break-away breech. Under the barrel are the initials “BR” in a cartouche. The touch hole has been re-lined, which is contemporary to the usage. The lock with a pronounced banana shap....

PISTOL: .65 Cal. Circa 1800. The 9 inch barrel has a lovely dark brown patina with clear Proof marks. Tight crisp lock. The stock is also very nice with regimental stamps “RHK” over “17” and “K”. We would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows what regiment has the initials “RHK”.

MANTON (JOHN) FLINTLOCK FOWLER: Approx. 12 gauge. The serial number 992 would date this piece 1789. This was once a very fine gun but bad storage has taken its toll on the metal. It has even pitting overall. “MANTON” can still be seen on the lock-plate which has a gold lined pan with a gold touch hole plug in the 37 ¼ inch barrel. The breech has a silver cartouche with “MA....

BRITISH P.1796 INFANTRY OFFICER’S SWORD: Maker: J.J. RUNKEL, SOLINGEN. Gilt brass hilt retaining much of the original gilt. Silver wire grip is excellent. Very nice blade with most of the gold inlay intact. Some stain spots on the blade. The black leather, gilt brass mounted scabbard is very nice. This was the most common pattern used by Infantry Officers during the Napoleonic Wars and the W....

CANADIAN HIGHLAND BROADSWORD: With the cross bar hilt of the SEAFORTH AND ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS.. Maker: W.H. BANFIELD & SONS, TORONTO. Banfield was one of only 2 or 3 sword makers known to have made swords in Canada. His Company was primarily a tool and die company and were tinsmiths as well. They operated from 1877-1919. His sword making enterprise was to capitalize on the dema....

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£995 Very Good Early 19th Century Cossack Kindjal Sword Signed Blade
With a very rare feature of quality, a very fine carved one piece carved horn grip with two steel rivets, [99% of them have two thin panel grips rivetted either side of the tang]. Very good two fullered blade off set from centre, with signed script cartouche. Original leather covered iron mounted scabbard. As worn by all the Cossacks, such as, for example the Kuban Cossacks (Russian Kubanskiye Kaz....

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£995 Superb Turkish Ottoman Flintlock Pistol
A beautiful long barreled horse pistol with fine brass mounts, and a stunning butt cap intricately inlaid with fine silver in superb detail of scrolls and figurative designs. Used from the 18th century, in the Caucasus, and throughout the Ottoman Empire, this fine pistol would have been a highly prized piece, carried on horseback, either in a saddle holster or pushed through the sash belt. The si....

£995 An American Officers non regulation sword Was £1,295 Now £995

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£995 Superb 1805 Second Pattern Baker Rifle Rifleman´s Sword
This sword is a jolly nice example of probably the most sought after, collectable, and most famous, issued rifle-sword of the British Army, made by Osborn and Gunby, ordnance marked with crown numbered inspection stamp for front line regimental issue. During the Napoleonic Wars the Baker rifle was made as the British Army replacement for the Jaeger Rifle, that had been purchased for the 60th Rifle....

£995 New Stock A very rare French Napoleonic Sapper Officers Blue & Gilt sword.
A very rare French Napoleonic Sapper Officers Blue & Gilt sword. 35 1/2” overall with impressive 28 ¾” very wide blue & gilt broad sword blade with three central fullers and faded blue & gilt. 2 ¼” wide. Cross shaped quillon with rams head terminals and lion masks. Lions head pommels and black leather grip with twisted brass wire
 Rare sword in good condition. Blue & gilt....

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£995 Most Rare 1859 British Rifle Cutlass-Bayonet with Bowl Guard
This is a superb example of a rare Victorian bayonet with it´s most impressive naval bowl guard. Made for the Royal Navy to fit on the Enfield rifle it had a duel purpose being a very long and effective bayonet when mounted on the rifle, and just as effective when used on it´s own in close combat boarding and land patrol actions. 26.75 inch blade One original photo in the gallery of Ba....

£995 New Stock A military thumb ring hanger
A military thumb ring hanger 37” overall, 32” straight double edged blade with short central fuller, blade engraved in fuller ‘Toledo' with crowned orb mark and running wolf mark on both sides. Flat line engraved guard with two bars, thumb ring, globular pommel, wooden grip .
Sword possibly Dutch or English. Sword in good patinated condition, grip wire lacking.
C1630 Unusual combinatio....

£995 An 1854 pattern Grenadier Guards sword. Captain Somerset Arthur Butler, 5th Earl of Carrick
An 1854 pattern Grenadier Guards sword. Captain Somerset Arthur Butler, 5th Earl of Carrick

£995 A Spanish Year xiii style flintlock pistol
A Spanish Year xiii style flintlock pistol

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£995 Most Charming English Flintlock Officer´s Semi-Holster or Belt Pistol
A very nice pistol with a finest Damascus steel barrel. Fine walnut stock, good walnut stock. Engraved brass furniture and stepped flintlock. Early 19th century from the reign of King George IIIrd. By Egan. Good working order, fine damascus 7 inch barrel. As with all our antique guns no license is required as they are all unrestricted antique collectables

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£995 Lt Col Buckle´s WW1 & WW2 Infantry Officer´s Service Sword in FS Scabbard
From the Buckle family collection. Made by Wilkinson in WW1 and used first by Major Buckle DSO who was killed in action in WW1 who was he son of Vice-Admiral Claude Edward Buckle, of Raithby, Lincolnshire. He came to Winchester from Summerfields, Oxford. He passed through Sandhurst, and in 1889 joined a battalion of the Royal West Kent Regiment, of which he afterwards became Adjutant.

He fought....

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£995 1796 Infantry Sword of James Hilton, the 48th Foot, the Heroes of Talavera
with photos of his Memoriam Card and medal [lacking two bars]. A sword that belonged to a man who served in the 48th foot, the Northamptonshire Regt. His name is inscribed on the folded guard of the gilt bronze hilt. It has a very good silver grip and typical blade. We have polished the silver grip but left the gilded hilt exactly as it is to show it´s untouched authenticity. We show photos ....

990 GBP infantry sword c1770.
This is a very elegant sword with a fishskin
grip and silver wire, half basket guard and urn shaped pommel. The blade has
armourer's stamps on both side but they are too distinct to read

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£985 Imperial German Deluxe Regimental Sword With Waterloo Battle Honours
An officer´s sword of one of the greart Imperial German regiments that in it´s history fought in the Peninsular War and Waterloo. In super condition and a neasr pristine blade in original polish and counter frosted finish. Field Artillery Regt von Scharnhorst [1st Hannover] No10. Part of Xth Armee Corps. The X Army Corps was a corps level command of the Prussian and German Armies befor....

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£985 East Riding Rgt. Cavalry Sword, With Lawrence of Arabia Interest.
British Army 1899 Pattern Cavalry regimental combat sword Made at Enfield and with ordnance issue date March 1910. A great and impressive steel bowl guard cavalry sword, used by one of the great WW1 ´pals´ regiments of East Yorkshire, and part of this cavalry regiment served in one of the most famous areas of the Great War, in Arabia, under the direct command of T.E.Lawrence, in 1916. ....

£980.00 * * * * * * * * * * A British Military Flintlock Officer's Pistol dating from the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Good condition. C.1803-1815. Ref 7375.
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A British Military large Flintlock Officer's Pistol dating from the time of the Napoleonic Wars, Circa 1803-1815. Rounded typical military style steel butt-cap, matching trigger-guard, forend pipe and sideplate. Action in excellent working order. Complete with its original steel ramrod. The lock marked with the broad arrow and....

INDIAN “GARGAZ” (MACE): Circa 1650-1750. Guarded Tulwar Hilt. 27 inch ornate shaft, with a four bladed end. TIRRI. PG.342

JAPANESE SHIN-GUNTO: WWII Military mounts. The 25 inch blade is signed and has a lovely clear temper line. VG+ $1800.00

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£975 Very Good 1899 Pattern Cavalry Troopers Sword 5th Dragoon Guards
A Great ´Siege of Ladysmith´ Sword. Issued in 1899 with ´99 date. Regimentally marked for C troop the 5th Dragoon Guards, sword number 6. A great example with it´s natural, brown, aged patinated finish, superb bright steel blade, with very good markings and inspection stamps. Made by Enfield. Very good original scabbard with only minor denting. In rough outline the situati....

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£975 Most Scarce 52nd Regt, of Light Infantry Pioneer Sword
This sword is an absolute beauty, and such a rare piece from the late Georgian era. It has a stunning cast brass hilt with a superb cast lion pommel and the regiment number of the 52nd and the Light Infantry Bugle. This sword was made specifically for the 52nd and we very rarely see examples of it from one decade to the next. Most examples have the saw back form, but this is the adapted, back-swor....

£975.00 English Rapier
An English Rapier, Circa 1640. With tapering blade of flattened diamond section stamped with letters and marks within the fullers on both side of the forte, retaining traces of original gilding, blackened hilt comprising guard of asymmetrical upturned shells with a plate pierced with numerous small holes, fluted quill on block, slender quillons with bulbous terminals, globular fluted pommel, silve....

Currently showing 701 to 750 of 1421 items.

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